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A single-cylinder engine is a suitable and economical option when you have a 1-acre or small yard. A zero-turn mower is a perfect go-to option for more curvy and sloppy yards where there are trees and flower beds. To save your back, we have listed the seven best riding mowers along with a buying guide to help you out through the selection process. Zero-turn mowers have a high center of gravity and uneven weight distribution that make them a poor choice for mowing on hills. The lack of a heavy internal combustion engine significantly reduces weight. Operators should not attempt to operate these mowers on slopes greater than 10 degrees.

Riding lawn mowers come with immense benefits including convenience, efficiency as well as time savings. Compared to push lawn mowers, the ride on’s obviously cover your ground faster because they are engine-powered and only require you to maneuver the steering. You will spend half the time you would have spent behind a walk-behind mower.

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Mows in reverse, tight turns, plenty of power and starts right up every time. At the end of the day, I’d say the majority of its shortcomings are easy to get past for most. Consumers are especially pleased with the features and machine’s ease of use.

If your lawn is small or medium-sized up to 0.4 acres, this robotic mower is an excellent choice. Featuring smart technology and an automatic interface, Automower 315X is considered the world’s one of the most capable robotic mowers. 7-position height adjustment offers a range from 1.5 to 3.75 inches for the perfect cut on all grass types. ClearCut fabricated 48-inch cutting deck features welded 10 gauge steel construction with added support strips for maximum durability. User-friendly controls and foot pedal operation make the snapper classic rear engine rider straightforward and comfortable to navigate. A lawn bigger than ½ acre will require more energy to cover the area.

Husqvarna Yth24v48 24 Hp Yard Tractor, 48

Mowers with rotary blades are versatile and will deal with most types of grass. Based on the blade construction, mowers are available in three designs. You should consider the blade rear engine riding mower reviews type if you need to much your lawn. For instance, you have to schedule the perimeter wire each time, and most robotic mowers can’t operate on uneven landscapes or steep slopes.

rear engine riding mower reviews

Most mowers include some height adjustment, but root-ridden or pockmarked lawns require higher clearances to prevent damage to the blade and minimize the damage of getting stuck. Riding lawn mowers reduce mow time, improve comfort, and offer an abundance of options to facilitate yard care. Finding the best lawn mower for hills means getting acquainted with an expansive market chock full of options for power, features, sizes, functions, and more. The cruise control allows the tractor to maintain a consistent speed, even in rough terrain.

However, these mowers are loud and require routine engine maintenance to enhance performance and retain longevity. These mowers have a built-in vertical cutter that spins north-to-south to cut the grass. They don’t have an engine, but instead, the propulsion created while propelling the device makes the blade spin.

rear engine riding mower reviews

There is a chance that you can spend a long time sitting in your mower. That is usually the case when you are cutting a big yard, so it is really important to choose a mower with a comfortable seat. A high-back seat is very comfortable compared to a low-back seat and it also reduces the chance of having back pain. You don’t have to worry about that if you are going to mow a relatively small yard. The disc drive transmission which powers a rubber disc by using a spinning plate ensures power and top performance for a long time. The user-friendly setup of this mower makes it an even more interesting choice as you can reach every control button at ease.

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The cutting deck is enhanced as well and this ensures that you are able to cover a lot of ground when mowing the lawn. When fully charged, the battery is able to provide more than 2 hours of cutting for a great day’s work. While most people think so, electric riding lawn mowers are not as expensive. With the competition in the market, manufacturers have found a way to make sure that you can get affordable and functional. This article will help you make the right choice by telling you’re the most important things to consider when shopping.

  • The reviewer pointed out an important safety feature which shuts off the engine if the operator stands up or vacates the seat.
  • We also appreciate the front engine design, placement of wheels and optimal ground clearance.
  • Most riding lawn mowers look like small tractors with a cutting deck that’s integrated underneath the mower.
  • It features a sturdy steel rollover protection system and a secure seatbelt.
  • Each of these features help to make the Weed Eater WE-ONE a great riding mower for the homeowner with a moderately sized lawn.
  • Steering wheel has nearly 6” of play in either direction before engaging, very noisy blade drive system, and a squeak when I turn the wheel that my neighbors take notice of.
  • Tool manufacturer Ryobi is no stranger to the benefits of battery power.
  • It provides reliable startups as well as possessing the ability to move at a speed of 6.5 MPH making it a great machine to get the job done in a very short time.
  • A rugged steel frame and cutting deck give the RM480ex a durable feel despite the plastic outer shell.
  • Swisher has developed a patented Rapid Response Control System, designed to give better comfort and control during mowing.

Matching riding mower features to the needs of a yard is also important. A smaller deck may suffice for compact spaces, but it can also make for more passes across larger lawns. On a property with tight corners and many landscaping obstacles, a larger cutting deck may prove too cumbersome. If the riding mower will be used for work outside of cutting, the available accessories for the job must be considered before purchase. A Briggs & Stratton Intek V-Twin OHV engine supplies this riding mower with 724 CC , supplying plenty of power.

Why You Need A Small Riding Lawn Mower?

Keep an eye ahead of the mower, at least three to four feet, in order to prevent any nasty surprises. Mow during the daytime if possible, and if work must be done in low light conditions use LED headlights. A Tuff Torq K46 Hydrostatic transmission helps to provide a smooth drive. Anti-scalp wheels provide excellent grip where other wheels might slip. Noted extras include a soft touch cruise control as well as LED High Illumination headlights that aid in working through low light conditions. Besides offering a larger cutting path, cutting decks nearing four-feet are well suited for medium-sized properties with a reach that can cut under bushes with no problems.

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The Troy-Bilt TB330 is far from the most expensive on our list, yet it’s the best lawn mower for small yards. It’s a gas-powered self-propelled mower, powered by a 163cc OHV 725ex Briggs & Stratton engine whose Ready start system makes the machine start operating with ease. The overall value, affordability, and dependability of all of Snapper’s various lines of lawn mowers, both riding mowers and push mowers, is awesome. You can’t ask for better performance than what you get with these machines. A couple things to know, though, is how it handles slopes and the fun of oil changes. There’s no problem going up and down slopes larger than what the owner’s manual says.

Why Should You Buy A Riding Lawn Mower?

And finally, the manufacturer backs the mower with a 3-year limited warranty. The Sun Joe MJ401E Electric lawn mower is a budget-friendly option for maintaining a small lawn. The mower runs on a 13-Amp motor and features a 14-inch cutting deck, which is rather small. It’s more lightweight than gas-powered mowers, which makes it easy to maneuver and push around. Furthermore, the Sun Joe features an option to adjust 3 different heights, up to about 2.5 inches. What’s more, since the bag doesn’t take too long to fill up, empty it more often, so you prevent overflow.

rear engine riding mower reviews

Cruising the rough and sloped yards becomes pleasing since it has a comfortable steering wheel and other user-friendly controls. Troy-Bilt’s affordable riding mower is a top choice for the budget-minded consumer. The 30-inch cutting deck is comparable to a sizable walk-behind mower with ride-along comfort. The deck is adjustable to five lengths, making the Troy-Bilt suitable for those with yards less than one acre. The average tractor and lawn riding mower weigh in at 470 pounds, and the engine accounts for 18 to 25 percent of its total weight. More powerful mowers may tip the scale at up to 600 pounds, while lightweight electric models can weigh as few as 400 pounds.

Ryobi 30 Inch Riding Lawn Mower Cutting Deck

The larger the deck, the more grass you can cut in a single pass. Smaller decks are wise if you have to think about gates and other tight spaces. The more grass you can cut with your mower, the less you’ll need to trim manually.

A common unique feature among them is their solid chassis designed to handle different engines, transmissions, and decks. Maintaining your brakes is just as important when you own a riding mower to ensure they’re working when you need them. A hydrostatic transition engine operates by using a hydraulic pump and motor to power the engine.

Yard Size And Terrain Type

In this guide, a user will find Troy-Bilt, Craftsman, Ariens IKON-X, Snapper, and Husqvarna. If a user chooses to get the expert assembly as the mower will need to be put together, you will get the construction of one customer-supplied riding lawnmower. The mower will be assembled according to the manufacturer’s instructions and has a typical assembly time of three hours. Although this mower is a residential grade mower, the sturdiness and the Kawasaki engine give it the boost it needs to make you feel like you are on a commercial grade. The torque of this engine is high even at low speeds, and there is an excellent power behind the engine and still quiet.

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