The low infection relevant inputs had a need to the green connector.

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The low infection relevant inputs had a need to the green connector.


If you prefer a “Check indication illumination” or greater also known as a check engine illumination for ones transmission.

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The 0411 PCM relates a floor to C2 Pin 46. This may be bound down back of a little bulb to alert you the 0411 PCM possesses a laws involved for an imperfection with infection feature.

0411 PCM school 2 reports Conversation (information cable to OBD2 connector PIN 2)

C1 Blue Connector Pin 58

0411 PCM TPS “Throttle Position Sensor” Input for EFI equipped vehicles. (This is wired to the SIGNAL wire coming out of the TPS sensor.) For alternatively EFI equipped vehicles tap into the SIGNAL ONLY.

C2 Red Connector Pin 24

0411 PCM CKP “Crankshaft place Sensor” enter for EFI provided autos. (this really is bound around the INDICATE circuit coming out of the CKP detector.) For EFI geared up autos exploit the TRANSMISSION SINGLE.

C1 Orange Connector Pin 12


0411 PCM TPS “Throttle Rankings Sensor”

C2 Red Connector Pin 24 to indicator Wire coming out of TPS Sensor

C1 green Connector Pin 46 to 5VDC electric power wire for TPS detector

C1 Blue Connector Pin 46 to floor cable for TPS Sensor

0411 PCM CKP “Crankshaft Place Detector”

C1 green Connector Pin 12 to alert Wire taken from CKP Sensor

C1 green Connector Pin 2 to Power cable for CKP detector

C1 Blue Connector Pin 21 to floor cable for CKP detector

0411 PCM Braking System Alter Insight. This really wired/relay’d within the beneficial line originating from the brake pedal change to your brake bulbs. This wants relayed to get results correctly. C1 green Connector Pin 33 requirements 12vdc principal on electrical power and soon you press the brake pedal, which in turn it takes no electrical or floor placed on that desktop pin to allow for your computer realize it should release the torque ripping tools clutch. A bosch single-pole double throw relay works suitable for this. Ground 85, Wire pin 86 towards your 12vdc because of your brake switch to your brake mild wire. Put on key on 12vdc capacity to pin 30, next cable C1 green Connector Pin 33 to 87a. Boom! Your torque ripping tools clutch should passing nowadays utilizing the brake system used.

The Transmission relevant Inputs/Outputs had to the 0411 PCM:

0411 PCM indication Input shot Speed Sensor (Essentially the detector directly behind the bell-housing associated with the transmission. The Input/Output shot speeds detectors to the 4L80E relaying are not polarity sensitive and painful, and just merely require wired with the PCM)

The 0411 PCM WILL DEMAND A TUNE/FLASH BECAUSE OF IT TO OPERATE CORRECTLY. In the event you operated it simply as is also from a junkyard, It can A: enter into anti-theft method because VATS still is allowed, B: enter into transmission limp means and C: potentially definitely not just work at all depending what product one taken your computer away from.

Back at my organize, I had a PCM beat file regarding a 01 GMC 1500 with a 4.8L and a 4L60e in the management component. There was to have another melody file with the exact same OS (computer system) the 0411 PCM possess which had a 4L80e sign primarily so I could segment swap the indication and transmitting diagnostics pieces on to your melody document. SHOULD YOU GET A PCM DURING A CAR EQUIPPED WITH A 4L60E MANUFACTURING FACILITY AND YOUR WORKING they ON A 4L80E OR VICE VERSA THAT PART TRADE IS NEEDED FOR ITS RELAYING TO WORK! “question me personally the way I know”.

All motor Related DTC’s ought to be deterred EXCEPT for the TPS and CKP DTC’s amount P0121, P0122, P0123, P0335 & P0336.

Allow all sign appropriate DTC’s underneath the Engine Diagnostics>DTC’s fired up being manufacturing plant aroused with a PCM thats designed with a 4L80E EXCEPT P0705 & P0706, this pair of limitations must be turned-off if you’re not making use of Neutral protection Switch Making other transmitting DTC’s regarding enable the 0411 PCM to make from the MIL light or stock a MIL rule if you find a issue because of the sign and will also enable the PCM to enter relaying Limp Mode.

Under System>General, change the PRNDL equipped to not one.

REMOVE each TORQUE OWNERS AND DISABLE PUNISHMENT METHODS INSIDE MOTOR AND RELAYING TABS if it’s certainly not complete the infection will never move precisely.

Under Trans>Auto Move Properties>General> Perf Solution, pick No Alter. It is the tow transport change, that had been connected with the BCM (human anatomy regulation section) and signalled during the type 2 facts system to turn the function during the PCM. I have not just located a-work to have the ability to make use of this function. Easily would discover a way, i shall update this wiki web page.

Those would be the needed background that want modified above in order for the 0411 PCM to perform as a standalone sign operator and also move the 4L80E transmitting precisely. The past associated with the configurations can be dependent upon your particular create. These setting are generally:

My favorite TPS input at lazy is at 25per cent in the 0411 PCM. This isnt an enormous concern as you can operate around they when you look at the move Speed information. I really believe i have to in addition tap simple TPS sensor surface from the 0411 PCM to the MegaSquirt 2’s TPS soil, that I believe will correct it. I am going to modify this wiki the moment this happens to be detected and changed.

MODIFY 9/26/16 – I stumbled onto the TPS problems. Its in fact being employed as the purported to. I’m not managing a IAC valve and changed the throttle system for a adjustable lazy screw. Anyway the thottle cutters comprise virtually exposed between 20-23percent for any motor to idle, effectively it absolutely was due to carbon dioxide build-up regarding the throttle entire body. I cleaned off the carbon dioxide and this proportion decrease to around 13-15per cent for similar RPM idle. So its functioning precisely.

Below is definitely my R&D and proof principle movie playlist on Youtube: