Gayer Rita Petach Tiqva Israel $250 51

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Gayer Rita Petach Tiqva Israel $250 51

Once the our very own getting away from the new Vileyka camp try unplanned, the guy didn’t have for you personally to just take their weapon

She and believed that she are on the other side towards the how you can Kurenets. Without having one energy and you can depressed, we e we possibly may cross the music. From the shrubbery, we can comprehend the street. We noticed many people riding cycles. We crawled closer to the street and you can watched that it was a farmer that we understood throughout the Soviet months. He greeted me, “Hello,” and you will said which i need to rapidly look at the almost every other side of the tree since Germans was arriving at which top. He privileged myself and you may easily departed. We returned to the girls and you can advised her or him. I decided to for some reason go around the way to Molodetchna. Dinka had awful discomfort. Doba and i served their and you can moved for the the trail.

Zev Rabunski . Our stay away from become at the precisely four o’clock in the afternoon. I went and additionally Kopel Spector, his sibling Eliyau, with his sister, Sarka, will get it people inside the serenity. I wish to tell you about her or him for all the a great that they had accomplished for united states. We had to bring all of our kid and i also expected Kopel, “Try not to wilderness all of us immediately. Delight allow us to. It is rather hard for all of us to the baby.

He instantaneously answered, “Yosef, we will never ever desert your. We remember all you have to done for you.” He had been these are the full time We aided him purchase a great gun. Up to Kopel, Eliyau, and you may Sarka was basically killed, they ran around, and every couple of minutes, we switched who does hold the baby in their possession. The fresh snow is most deep, and we were running and you can shedding, running and you will shedding. The road is loaded with shrubs and you can thorns one to stuck away of snowfall, and so the trip is a really thorny one… -Yosef Zukerman Dina said if she arived into the forest she met with Yitzhak Einbender who was a chief out of a great partisan equipment and he assisted their with her wound and whatever else. He was afterwards murdered near Dolhinov. to see the fresh new tales follow this link

The brand new refrain try quite difficult personally and you may my partner

We want to display our very own sincere gratitude so you’re able to Susan M. Goldsmith out-of Piedmont , Ca , U. S.A beneficial. It’s greatly liked and we also should do our very own better to simply take photo of the graves since Susan advised. The following is an updated list of donors starting with the fresh new recent Donors; 42. Shmilovich Avraham Kvar Saba Israel $125 43. Tych Raja (nee Bronshtein) Ramat Gan Israel $275 forty two. Zolotov Zipora Lahavim Israel $250 forty-five. Labunski Fanny(nee Ruderman) Chifa Israel $125 48. Radashkovich Eliyahu Ramat Gan Israel $a hundred forty two. Radashkovich Arie Tel Aviv Israel $125 fifty. Rapson Dov (Melamed) Avichail Israel $250 52. Rapson Avigdor (Ekman) Herzelia Israel $250 53. Paz Yosef Haifa Israel $125 54. Sosenski Yaakov Ashdod Israel $125 55.

Sosenski Sima Ganey yochanan Israel $125 56. Ben Barak Gallia Rechovot Israel $125 57. Shor Maya (nee Sosensky) Bizaron Israel $125 58. Sosenski Eli Ashdod Israel $125 59. Kaplan Klila Tel Aviv Israel $125 sixty. Kanter Laura (nee Libe Rubin)Boca Raton Florida. You.S. A $five-hundred 61. Schuster Riva Kvar Saba Israel $125 62. Brant Sara Navei Mivtach Israel $100 63. Aminetsach Yehuda Herzelia Israel $125 64. Aminetsach Avraham Jerusalem Israel $125 65. Shmilovich Zelig Omer Israel $125 66. Ruderman Florence Nyc U. S.An effective. Chalifa Raja(nee Rubin)Navei Mivtach Israel $125 68. Man Gerald family members Cape Town Southern Africa $650 69. Harcavi (Furman) Meier Ramat Hasharon Israel $250 70. Harcavi Chanan Ramat Efal Israel $250 71. Rosen Lester Debby Glencoe , Chicago You. S.Good. Susan Meters. Goldsmith of Piedmont , Ca , U.